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Josh Clarke clocked 10.36 and 10.20 windy

Josh Clarke clocked 10.36 and 10.20 windy

Author: Athletics NSW Administrator/Sunday, 9 February 2014/Categories: News

The undoubted highlight on day two was the quick sprinting by teenager Josh Clarke (UTN) as he clocked a stunning 10.36 in the heat, before going on to run a wind assisted 10.20 in the final.

He started his campaign in the 100 metre heats. It was a slow start with initially a uniform issue with a competitor, then a disqualification of visiting Tasmanian sprinter Jesse Usoalii for a false start. Then when they were about to go, a medal ceremony caused a further delay.  It only seems to build the anticipation for the race and Josh Clarke didn’t disappoint, pushing all the way to a win in 10.36 (wind 0.5) to revise his personal best of 10.51, set way back in 2011.

“I felt really good although there was a bit of a holdup,” said Clarke referring to the disqualification.

“I got a good start, third time round.”

Before he dashed away to prepare for the final he commented:

“I was happy but I’ve been running pretty quick at training I’ve just struggled to put it down on race day.”

Ninety minutes later he was back on track and this time the race was away cleanly as he struck a rare strong tail wind on the day of 3.3m/s, as he stopped the clock at 10.21, later corrected to 10.20.

It was the fastest time ever by an Australian junior in history in all wind conditions.

“I felt better in warm up the second time round. Just getting the heat run out of the way helped,” confirmed Clarke.

“My start was a lot better in the final. I got a little off balance towards the end, but it was alright and it worked out well.”

Over the last few years since his previously best in 2011, he has endured a few niggling injuries and his coaching team, led by Nancy Atterton have guided him cautiously.

“It has been along time coming, my last pb was at the end of 2011 but I think I’ve had this sort of run in me for a while it has just never eventuated, something has happened or I have not been able to execute the race how I wanted.”

His 100m heat time of 10.36, moved him the fastest Australian junior ever, behind Shirvington’s national junior record of 10.29 and Paul Narracott’s 10.35. Interestingly Narracott, a Canberra dentist, went on become Australia’s first ever summer and winter Olympian.


Compiled by Fletcher McEwen

10.29       Matt                         SHIRVINGTON                      N             Sydney                   11.10.97

10.35       Paul                         NARRACOTT                         Q             Edmonton              06.08.78

10.36       Joshua                   CLARKE                                 N             Sydney                   08.02.14

10.36       Aaron                      ROUGE-SERRETT                                V              Brisbane                                 10.03.07

10.37       Jarrod                     GEDDES                                 N             Sydney                   09.03.13

10.39       Adam                      MILLER                                   Q             Canberra                                15.03.03

10.42       Mitchell                   WILLIAMS-SWAIN                 Q             Hobart                     26.11.11

10.43       Hugh                       DONOVAN                             Q             Karlsruhe                                30.06.12

10.46       Damien                   MARSH                                                   Q             Plovdiv                   09.08.90


10.20       +3.3         Joshua                   CLARKE                 N             Sydney                   08.02.14

10.31       +7.6         Paul                         NARRACOTT         Q             Edmonton              07.08.78

10.34       +4.0         Gerard                    KEATING                                V              Sydney                   14.12.80

10.35       +2.7         Fred                        MARTIN                  N             Canberra                                30.03.85

10.35       +5.0         David                      BAXTER                  V              Narrabeen              04.08.96

10.36       +3.8         Ray                         WILLIAMS               W            Perth                       24.01.09

10.36       +5.6         Jarrod                     GEDDES                 N             Wollongong          05.11.11

Where to from here for Clarke?

“Next will be the Australian juniors and try and qualify for the world junior team. I’ll probably do open states where I’ll get three good runs, then I’ll probably call it quits there and start building for world juniors because at this point  that has been the focus for two years.”

No Commonwealth Games?

“It has all come pretty quick and I haven’t really had time to think about it. I never thought I’d go THAT quick. I will see how we go, but world juniors has always been the priority.”

This was confirmed by his coach, Nancy Atterton.

“We believe it is not best to go through to nationals. With him doing the HSC last year he is underdone. Since the HSC we have been playing catchup and we know he is moving brilliantly but he won’t run the 200m tomorrow. I don’t want to hurt him, his body isn’t strong enough to take it.

The long term for Clarke?

“In an ideal world I’d like to break 10 seconds and make finals at Olympics, Com Games and world champs, what every athlete really aspires too. However it is more of a reality after a performance like that today. But I need to keep working hard on a day-by-day basis and keep working on the little things. I can’t get too carried away.”

David Tarbotton and Ron Bendall for Athletics NSW

Image Josh Clarke in the 100m (image courtesy of David Tarbotton)


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