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43 NSW Officials honoured with Commonwealth Games appointment

43 NSW Officials honoured with Commonwealth Games appointment

Author: David Tarbotton & Ron Bendall/Friday, 1 September 2017/Categories: News

1 September 2017

43 NSW Officials honoured with Commonwealth Games appointment

Next April dozens of NSW athletes will proudly represent Australia at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Standing alongside them, just as proud, will be many volunteer NSW technical officials, that have given as much time and commitment to preparing for the Games as the athletes.

Forty-three NSW officials will have the honour of officiating at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. In addition, dozens of other NSW people will also be Sports Specific Volunteers, working along-side the Technical Officials.

We congratulate two of the most senior appointments - Kirsten Croker and Kim Owens. Croker is an international appointment by the IAAF as Assistant Chief International Race-Walking Judge, while Owens will be one of four meeting managers who will report to Khan Sharp the competition director. Former Athletics NSW employee, Andrew Matthews overseas all operations as the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Competition Manager, as role he has been in since 2016. Three other NSW officials appointed as chiefs are: Barry Pecar, Peter Higgins and Tony Okulicz.

Athletics NSW board member, Peter Higgins, who will be the chief starters’ assistant, was humbled by the opportunity.

“My very first feeling was one of humility. Australia is fortunate to have a pool of officials which collectively are the best in the world.  Not everyone who nominated for the Games was selected to officiate, so to be chosen from a group of hard working, capable, and talented officials made me feel very humble.  I have a leadership role so it made me think straightaway about ways to make it enjoyable and rewarding for the people in my team, and of course how to fit within a larger team to ensure we deliver “the best Games ever”.  It also made me think it was a culmination of a lifetime of involvement with athletics.”


But like so many of our quality officials, Higgins sees the big picture too.

“My philosophy is to provide an experience for athletes and spectators that highlights what a fantastic, diverse, and addictive sport that we are part of; whether an athlete, a coach, administrator, media commentator, or official, we are all part of the Athletics family. It is a privilege and a huge responsibility to be an official; we deliver the environment that athletes compete in, as well as interpreting the rules as provided by the IAAF in a fair and accurate manner, and to be easily approachable for athletes.  Personally - I have done this for many hours, over many years, to serve as a volunteer so that I can help young people achieve their dreams, and importantly, give something back to an endeavour that is equally a lifestyle and a sport.”


It would be fair to say, Janine Mladin has endured a tougher road than most of us over the last few years. A survivor of brain cancer, she lines up as a post event control technical judge. She is honoured and highly values this special opportunity.

"After having my own personal challenges in life, I certainly feel very privileged to have received the email that I have been selected as a National Technical Official, for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

"Officials, like athletes are very proud to have this opportunity of representing Australia. It will be fantastic to work alongside so many other officials who have a positive mindset and work ethic. So, no matter whether we're working, training or resting, it will be awesome to be part of this wonderful group of officials! "


Making the leap from athlete to official at this level is Katrina Morrow, who as Katrina Gibbs, won gold at the 1978 Commonwealth Games in the high jump and also competed at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane.

Being selected in any team is something you never take for granted,” noted Morrow. “Since we began officiating, my husband David and I, have enjoyed working alongside each other to build our experience and learning. Being selected for Commonwealth Games has been a bonus for us both and it means so much more that we will both be able to share this experience.”


While we congratulate our appointed technical officials; we also wish to recognized and thank the many fine and hard-working officials who have missed an appointment. To them we also thank you for your significant volunteer contribution to the sport that without, we could not conduct this sport. THANK YOU.


David Tarbotton and Ron Bendall for Athletics NSW

Images: NSW officials Peter Higgins, Jannie Mladin and Katrina Morrow (image courtesy of David Tarbotton)


2018 Commonwealth Games - NSW officials to International and Technical Officials Appointments


International (IAAF) Appointments

Kirsten Crocker                                           Assistant Chief International Race-Walking Judge


National Technical Official (NTO) Appointments

Kim Owens                                                  Meeting Manager

Audrey Cortez-Smyth                                Technical Information Centre Assistant Managers

Laurie Keaton                                              Secretary of the Jury

Rob Blackadder                                           Technical Manager

Marc Ambat                                                Technical Judge

Ron Richter                                                  Technical Judge

James Stammers                                        Technical Judge

Kirsten Crocker                                            Call Room Assistant Chief Judges

Ellen Coker                                                   Call Room Judge

Titania Oberg                                              Call Room Judge

Elizabeth Radley                                         Call Room Judge

Garth Pereira                                               Call Room Judge

Jeannette Richter                                       Call Room Judge

Dennis Coker                                               Post Event Control Assistant Manager

John Munro                                                 Post Event Control Judges

Janine Mladin                                              Post Event Control Judges

Jodie Sundstrom                                         Post Event Control Judges

John Morris                                                 Assistant Track Referee/Assistant Video Ref

Barry Pecar                                                  Assistant Chief Umpire

Neville Fenn                                                 Umpire/Lapscorer

Marguerite Gregan                                    Umpire/Lapscorer

Tracey Grozdanis                                        Umpire/Lapscorer

Michael Halmy                                            Umpire/Lapscorer

David Higgins                                               Umpire/Lapscorer

Elly Jones                                                     Photo Finish Judge

Del Warrick                                                  Start Area Coordinator

David Bryan                                                 Starter/Recaller

Peter Higgins                                               Chief Starters Assistant

Murray Gaudin                                           Starters Assistant

Carmel McCudden                                     Starters Assistant

Tony Okulicz                                                Chief Field Judge

Steven Dunn                                                Field Judge

Ann Grimm                                                  Field Judge

Elizabeth Jones                                           Field Judge

Steve Larsen                                                Field Judge

David Morrow                                             Field Judge

Katrina Morrow                                          Field Judge

Linda O’Brien                                              Field Judge

Peter Reynolds                                            Field Judge

Kim Robinson                                              Field Judge

Graham Kearns                                           Field Judges- TSR Operator

Rob Jones                                                     Field Judges- EDM Operator

Graham Dwight                                           Field Judges- EDM Operator


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