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Congratulations Coaches

Author: Athletics NSW Administrator/Thursday, 20 December 2012/Categories: News

22 December 2012

Congratulations Coaches

Athletics NSW recognizes and congratulations the coaches who in 2012 have placed an athlete on the IOC, IAAF and IPC teams. We highlight and profile the many athletes who have success, but often we forget the support team, including the key person the coach - they equally endure the cold and wet winter nights!


Coach                                                   Athlete

Olympic Games - 2012      

Lindsay Watson                            Youcef Abdi

Craig Hillard                                    Luke Adams and Adam Rutter

Greg Smith                                     Anthony Alozie

Nic Bideau                                       Ryan Gregson & Eloise Wellings

Ken Green                                      Jeffrey Hunt

John Patchett                                Tim Leathart

Penny Gillies                                  Joel Milburn

Paul Hallam                                     Isaac Ntiamoah

Fira Dvoskina                                 Steven Solomon

Russ Steffensen                           John Steffensen

Sean Williams                                Ben St Lawrence

Brent Vallance                               Beki Lee

Denis Knowles                              Dani Samuels


World Junior Championships - 2012      

Anthony Benn                               Nicholas Hough

John Sharpe                                   Ben Jaworski

Ken Green                                      Robert Lister

Fira Dvoskina                                 Steven Solomon

Alex Stewart                                  Brandon Starc

Phil Stein                                         Jake Stein

Valmai Krueger                             Jenny Blundell

Max Debnam                                 Emily Coppins

Kel Farrington/Lukas Cannon  Melissa-Maree Farrington

Nick Zisti                                          Michelle Jenneke

Marilyn Pearson                           Sara Klein

Michael Dooley                             Ella Nelson

Andrew Murphy                          Josie Nichol

David Bruce                                    Taylah Sengul

Paul Miekle                                    Sarah Carli              

Penny Gillies                                  Abbie Taddeo


World Half Marathon - 2012

Sean Williams                                Harry Summers and Lara Tamsett


World Race Walking Cup - 2012      

Craig Hillard                                    Luke Adams and Adam Rutter

Brent Vallance                               Ian Rayson and Beki Lee

Bill Nappin                                       Nicole Fagan


Paralympic Team - 2012          

Louise Sauvage                             Angela Ballard

Ken Holder/Aaron Holt              Georgia Beikoff

Andrew Dawes                             Christie Dawes and Kurt Fearnley

-                                                          Rosemary Little

Iryna Dvoskina                              Evan O?Hanlon

Jenny Pond                                    Kristy Pond

Matt Rawlings                               Stephanie Schweitzer


David Tarbotton and Ron Bendall for Athletics NSW

Images: Coaches Marilyn Pearson, Max Debnam, Andrew Dawes, Phil Stein, Fira Dvoskina, David Bruce, Penny Gillies and Sean Williams (courtesy of David Tarbotton)


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