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The Grass Games

Saturday 17th September 2016

Author: Athletics NSW Administrator/Thursday, 11 August 2016/Categories: Events, ANSW Club Events

Event date: 17/09/2016 - 18/09/2016 Export event


Hosted by the UTS Northern Suburbs Athletics Club, the Grass Games is a meet where athletes will be competing in non-traditional events on a grass track at Rotary Field in Chatswood. The emphasis of this meet is participation and enjoyment, aiming to give athletes a competitive environment whilst removing the pressure of Olympic distances.

The Grass Games features The Athletes Foot Chatswood ELIMINATOR. The winner of the men's and women's event both win a pair of shoes valued up to $200 from The Athletes Foot Chatswood.

This event is not a permit meet and performances will not count as qualifiers for any future meet. However, the best performance in each event in the male and female divisions will be recorded as Grass Games meet records. Timing will be done via timing gates. All track events will be completed on the circular track.


Saturday 17th September 2016


Rotary Athletics Field, Chatswood. Click here to view the location map.

Event Information

All events are open male and female events.

Track events: 60m, 150m, 300m, 600m, 2 Mile

$50 prizes to eligible athletes with Type 1 insulin dependent diabetes (T1DM) in the 2-mile race to encourage their safe participation in athletics and to share their experiences. There is a $50 prize to each leading (T1DM) male, female runner in U18 and Open categories.

Field Events: Aggregate Long Jump, Backward Overhead Shot Put, Scisssor's only High Jump

60m heats into finals. Progression to the final will be determined by heat numbers.

150m, 300m, 600m and 2 Mile will be timed finals.

60m,150m,300m will be run in lanes.

600m and 2mile will be run pack start on a curve.


Click here to view the FINAL timetable. Please check carefully as there have been some changes from the draft timetable.

Click here to view the event start lists. 


Click here to enter online.

Online entry is $10 for ANSW members and $15 for non members. Online entry closes midnight Thursday 15th September 2016. On the day entry is available, but not guaranteed and will be at a cost of $20 for members and $25 for non members. On the day entry will only be available if there is space in that respective event. This must be completed at least one (1) hour prior to the athlete’s first event.

On the Day

ANSW registered athletes are to wear their 2016/17 ANSW bib number, but club uniform does not need to be worn. Non ANSW registered athletes will be given temporary bibs on the day at athlete check in.

All athletes in TRACK events must report to athlete check in to advise of their intention to compete at least sixty (60) minutes before the scheduled starting time of the event. Failure to check in may result in the athlete being scratched from the event.

Athletes entered in FIELD events only, are not required to report to athlete check in. Instead field event athletes must report directly to the field event site at least twenty (20) minutes before the scheduled start time.


Click here to view the competition rules.

Event Descriptions:

The Athletes Foot Chatswood Eliminator 8x400m (Entries capped at 14 at the discretion of event director)

Starting off with a full field of 14, athletes set off for a 400m rep. When crossing the finish line, the last runner/s (depending on the lap) will be eliminated.

Each 400m will be run on a 2min cycle. Time will start when the gun is fired, and the gun will be fired every 2 mins till the race is finished.

Athlete elimination order is as follows:

14th and 13th

Rep 1

12th and 11th

Rep 2

10th and 9th

Rep 3


Rep 4


Rep 5


Rep 6


Rep 7

Final 4

Rep 8


Any athlete false starting will be instantly disqualified. If any athlete is subsequently disqualified, the race will continue till 3 athletes are left, and that will be the final rep.

The prize is one pair of shoes to the value of $200 for the Men's Eliminator and the Women's Eliminator. 

Backward overhead shot put throw

Athletes throw Weight for age

Athletes will get 3 attempts each. Top 8 get additional 3 throws in reverse order 8th to 1st

Furthest throw wins over the 4 rounds

Throw technique

Athletes begin with Shot Put in both hands while stand on the stop board, back facing the landing area.

The athlete then proceeds to launch the shot put backwards. The athlete is allowed to leave the stop board they are standing on and can “fall” into the landing zone during the throw. This WILL NOT result in a foul.

The throw will be measure from the closest edge of the stop board to the landing area and from the area where the Shot Put first impacted the ground.

Normal Shot put sector areas will be in play and any shot put landing outside this area will result in a foul.

Scissors only High Jump

Completed as a regular high jump competition but only the scissors technique will be allowed to be used by the athletes in this competition.

Aggregate Long Jump

This Long Jump Competition will be performed over 4 rounds, with the total distance over the 4 rounds from each athlete added together to give a total distance. This is how the final results will be compiled.

Each round will be a little different, as each round will have a specific starting point. The 4 starting points are as follows:

Round 1: Standing long jump

Athletes will start from the point where the run up meets the sand pit and perform a 2 legged jump into the pit. No more than 50% of the athlete’s foot will be allowed to hang over the edge of the runway. The jump will be measured from the edge of the runway to the next closest from where the athlete lands.

Round 2: 5m run up

Athletes will all start from the same run up point which will be measured and marked with tape across the runway prior to the commencement of the competition. This distance will be measured from the edge of the pit backwards up the runway.

As this competition does not have a specific board to jump off, each athletes jump will be measured from where they take off. There will be an official stationed near whose sole purpose is to find the exact take off point from each athlete so the jump can be measure. The athletes jump will be measure from the point where they take off, to the point where they land in the pit as per normal long jump rules. The official stationed on take-off duty will have final say on the take off point from the athlete. A sand area will be used to assist the jumps official to the exact spot where the athlete has jumped from

Round 3: 10m run up

Round 4: 20m run up

The competition will end after all athletes have completed their 4 rounds. Once all rounds have been completed, the officials will add together each athlete’s attempts to find the final result.

A foul will only be given when an athlete takes off from the sand in any of the rounds. All attempts must be taken from the runway.

Athletics NSW Summer Series

This event is part of the Athletics NSW Summer Series. For more information about the series including the event calendar click here.


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